Xikar Xi Dueling Dragons Chasing Flaming Pearl

Quality Importers Trading Co. and Jacob & Co. announce the Xikar Xi Dueling Dragons Chasing Flaming Pearl cigar cutter, a 1-of-1 exclusive, and the first in a series of ultra-exclusive bespoke cigar accessories for the discerning ultra-luxury-minded cigar connoisseur in the international market. 

Crafted by Jacob and Co. in New York City, this one-of-a-kind cigar cutter is based on the Xikar brand’s iconic Xi. The cutter’s 18K gold body and blade handles were painstakingly pavé set by hand with 1,940 lustrous red rubies (22.50 cts) on the front and back of the instrument. Ingeniously mounted onto the fully-functioning handles, which hold the precision steel blades, are two ruby-eyed 18K yellow gold dragons impeccably detailed with arms outstretched to clutch the cherished prize, the large flame-engulfed pearl at the cutter’s apex. The finished work is substantial in both its presence and physical mass, weighing 169g (just under half a pound). This unique masterpiece is valued at USD 149,500. Quality Importers and Jacob & Co. plan to offer a series of bespoke XIKAR Xi cigar cutters, made-to-order utilizing the finest quality gemstones, diamonds and the best craftsmanship in the world. 

Inspired by a centuries-old Asian legend of two dragons chasing a mystical flaming pearl, the design features dueling dragons, representations of good, often attributed with traits such as power, strength and achievement, in pursuit of a mystical flaming pearl. While the origin of the flaming pearl is a mystery, it is considered a symbol of luck, wisdom and prosperity. This folkloric tale has often been a source of inspiration in the arts, as seen on architectural designs in Surabaya, Indonesia, the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, and even in Los Angeles, California in the USA. 

Treasured works from Japan, Korea, and China in the decorative arts collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City prominently feature illustrations of dragons chasing the elusive flaming pearl on objets d’art such as 17th century medallions, badges and ceramics, 18th century snuff bottles and even rare 13th century to early Ming dynasty helmets, decorated with damascened strips of gold. 

“When we purchased the Xikar brand, the first idea I had was to design a ‘museum piece,’” says Michael Giordano, Founder and CEO of Quality Importers. “Something that would not only be a first of its kind in all aspects for Xikar, but also for the accessories market itself. When I mentioned the idea to Jimmy Miudo, our VP of Marketing at Quality Importers, the idea was quickly developed, and became what we see before us now. The team at Jacob and Co. loved our idea and was instrumental in turning our concept into reality. We’re looking forward to building upon this partnership with them.” 

“We are always open to exceptional opportunities to apply our expertise to different luxury segments, with the very best partners,” says Jacob Arabo, Founder and Chairman of Jacob & Co. “When Quality Importers approached us with the idea, we were intrigued. We are very active in the Chinese market and have many watches that feature dragons, so the design of the dragons and the flaming pearl was ideal for us. This is just the start of the relationship and I’m excited about the incredible products we can create together.” 


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