Toscano Nobile to be Launched in the USA

Manifatture Sigaro Toscano announced the Release of Toscano Nobile in the USA.

Toscano Nobile was launched exclusively to the Duty-Free Market, to celebrate the 150°Anniversary of Italy. Now in a quantity of only 500 boxes of 20, this cigar was released to the United States.

Toscano Nobile cigar is blended and handcrafted in Italy with a unique process of 10 years aging in the Manifattura of Lucca.

“How many companies can offer 10 year-aging products to their aficionados? This is an excellent novelty that will impress anyone looking for a unique smoking experience” says Luciano Simeone, COO of MST US Holdings.

Toscano Nobile is blended with 100% Kentucky seed Fire Cured Tobacco, and rolled by the hands of expert cigar rollers in the Lucca factory (Tuscany, Italy).


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