Tobacco Town | Cigar Friendly, West Virginia

Traveling down the West Virginia Turnpike on my way to the town of Beaver, you start to realize why John Denver was so taken by this state that he wrote a song about it.  Truly these country roads take you through some of the most beautiful country in the United States.  For this Floridian, it was a real treat to be driving through the snow and mountains after a long hot summer!  I finally arrived at Tobacco Town in Beaver and my trip through the heart of West Virginia got even better!

Chase Boggs is the owner of this wonderful hybrid of a package beer and wine store, cigar lounge and ski lodge.  Whether it’s him or Duane working on the day you visit, you are sure to be greeted with another hybrid of hospitality and knowledge of tobacco.  There is a well stocked humidor immediately to your right when you walk in, and in front of you when you walk in is a substantial array of cigar accessories to make your smoking experience everything that it should be!  Many pipes are available as well and there is quite an assortment of pipe tobacco to go with them.  And then there is the beer and wine selection.

There are as many craft beers at Tobacco Town as I have seen anywhere.  Unique beers from West Virginia and surrounding states are available for package take out.  The selection is robust, just like the selection of wines.  Regardless of your palate, you should find something you like here!

Membership is required to enter the lounge.  Buying the membership is absolutely a no-brainer!  The price is only $40 a year and it grants you 20% off cigars and accessories, 10% off pipes and pipe accessories and it grants one access to the lounge.  Membership gets you a credit up to $20 a year depending on what you buy.  Lockers are available to members only for $150 a year.  Once in a while free gifts randomly appear in the lockers such as swag and cigars.  Plus you have a humidified place to store your goods!

Being a former baseball standout, Chase is no stranger to competition and the pursuit of perfection!  He always strives to make Tobacco Town better and better.  Who winds up winning?  We do!  His Lexus-esque relentless pursuit of perfection trickles down to the patrons who get to enjoy the absolute coziest and yet classiest lounge on Earth, all the while drinking a superb craft beer or wine and smoking a premium cigar from an immaculate humidor!  Cheers!

Tobacco Town

702 Ritter Dr.
Beaver, WV 25813
(304) 254-0500
Food available: No
Alcohol available: Yes

Bruce's love for the leaf quickly became his passion after visiting cigar factories and tobacco fields in Honduras. After participating in the blending and selection processes for many cigar blends over the last 10 years, Bruce became a proofreader for Cigar Journal and has been for the past 3 years. He received his Master's in Foreign Language Education from the University of South Florida and has been teaching German and Spanish for over 15 years. Besides his passion for cigars, Bruce's interests include traveling the world and coaching soccer. He lives in Florida with his wife and 2 children.




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