Anti Raucher Lobby Niederlande

The Netherlands Are on the Edge of Prohibition

The anti-tobacco lobby in the Netherlands is driving the nation to the edge of prohibition. It seems as if the use of tobacco will soon be widely criminalized in the “cannabis paradise.”

After signing the Tobacco-free Generations proposal by WHO, which was actually geared towards the abuse of cigarettes by children and adolescents, the country now wants to drastically limit tobacco consummation at a general level. The first step is planned for summer when a strict smoking ban shall be imposed in “public” places. It is to be feared that not only actual public buildings like train stations, official buildings, etc., will be affected, but also enclosed, private smoking lounges and cigar shops which, as it is, are only accessible to adults anyway.

Clean Air Netherlands (the anti- tobacco lobby) went to court with a request to ban smoking in bars and restaurants and gained support. The trial court declared designated private smoking rooms in bars and restaurants as inadmissible. Now the ministry of health wants to reach a two-year transitional period for their closure. In the mid to long term, cigar shops and lounges may also be affected. 

The consumer organization is calling all advocates of freedom for personal lifestyle to contact their local, regional and national political representatives and to voice their protest against these prohibitive tendencies. Alternatively, direct your protests to [email protected]. We will pass on your opinion to the relevant politicians in the Netherlands and in European Parliament. 

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