The Brick House Cigar Shop

The Brick House Cigar Shop is a beautiful cigar store and lounge nestled in the quaint town of Wykoff, New Jersey. Owner, Chef Aldo Casio, opened the doors in May, 2013 to offer his patrons a relaxed environment where they can leave their worries, and egos, at the door.

Each guest who enters the store is immediately greeted with a warm smile and escorted into the humidor where a knowledgeable tobacconist guides him or her through the cigar selection process. As store manager, Edward Edone always says, “Sometimes you pick the cigar, sometimes the cigar picks you.”

The intimate lounge has about twenty or so cozy chairs and three TVs with a walk-in humidor that houses forty occupied member lockers and hundreds of cigar offerings from boutique to mainstream.

The Brick House Cigar Shop is unlike any other cigar retailer in New Jersey, offering its guests the unique experience of dining and smoking in their sister restaurant across the street, eponymously named, the Brick House. This location is one of only a handful left in New Jersey where smoking and dining is permitted. Upstairs is a high end restaurant with a stately dining room serving mouth-watering dishes and world class cocktails. Downstairs is the cigar bar where patrons can enjoy a premium cigar while dining in the same luxurious atmosphere.

Like Edone says, “At the Brick House, a cigar is like a mini vacation.”

The Brick House Cigar Shop
85 Crescent Ave.
Wykoff, NJ 07481

George Manzella is a passionate cigar smoker who credits his father for introducing him to the leaf in 1994 when he was just 18 years old. George has been a high school teacher of English in New Jersey, USA since 2003 where he has taught literature, writing and journalism. He is also the founder of the New Jersey Cigar Club. George wrote for two local community periodicals prior to joining Cigar Journal in 2015. His passion for premium tobacco and his zest for writing has taken George on a remarkable journey through an enchanted world of unforgettable memories and life-long friendships.




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