Ramón Allones Phoenicio 40 Humidor Series Hits the Market

One of the most anticipated cigars of the Habanos Regional Edition series, the Ramón Allones Phoenicio 40 Exclusivo Líbano (165 x 21.4 | 6 ½ x 54), finally hits the market with a limited series of humidors.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Phoenicia Trading, the company released five limited lines and a numbered series of humidors containing 40 cigars each and accompanied by a matching ashtray and lighter set. They are designed by master craftsman Jean-Philippe Martin, who designed the previous Cohiba 50 and Cohiba Behike 40 anniversary humidors, and are produced by one of the most coveted humidor and accessory producers in the world, Elie Bleu of France.

Of the five lines, four have a production of 100 humidors each and are called Phoenicians, Mediterranean, Volutes, and Horizon. The series are being sold at the La Casa del Habano in the duty-free area at the Beirut international airport at the current price of USD 24,000. Around 300 of the 400 pieces were already sold when they were first released.

The fifth humidor line is even more limited. The Journey humidor set is around USD 45,000 and La Casa del Habano have already sold all 40 units produced.

“The Ramón Allones brand has always been linked to Phoenicia, with all our previous anniversary regional editions having been produced under the brand,” says Walid Saleh, CEO of Phoenicia Trading. “So based on our experience, especially with the previous Phoenicio 30 that was received with great success, we realize that these new, limited humidors will definitely reach sky-high retail values.”

The special releases of Habanos and their distributors are getting a lot attention from the collectors’ market, and usually the prices go far above the original sales value. Shops and La Casas del Habano in Dubai, Kuwait, Greece, Italy and Honk Kong have already bought some of the sets, and the prices should increase because the availability is becoming more limited.

For customers that do not have the budget to afford these limited humidors, the Phoenicio 40 Exclusivo Líbano will also be sold in boxes of 10 and 20 units. The boxes are expected to hit the shelves by the end of the year.

Alexandre Avellar is considered Brazil's main reference in cigars. In 2010 he founded the Conexão Tabaco/Tudo Sobre Charuto, the country's #1 cigar news website. He also writes for many cigar publications around the world. He has been nominated to the Habanos S.A. the Hombre Habano del Año (Habanos Man of the Year) trophy for Communications in the 15th and 16th Habanos Festival. He travels around the world covering the main events and promoting the culture of smoking cigars.


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