Winter Edition 2014 – The Global Players in the Cigar World

cigar-journal-cover-winter-2014-global-players-cigar-world In the 2014 winter issue, we examined in detail the global cigar market – the major players in the trade and their franchise networks, the New World cigar’s leap to Europe and Asia and developments on the global market.

Other topics in the issue were: Our Australian correspondent Samuel Spurr investigated down-under for us – the boom of the cigar scene and the epicurean destination of the Barossa Valley. We also went to Normandy for you, where we met Daniel Clément, an artist who produces exclusive humidors for Davidoff. A company portrait described Xikar, an American accessories manufacturer who has made it to the top of the trade with innovation and commitment to quality. Nick Hammond reported on his impressions of the now fifth Cigar Smoking World Championship.

If you missed this edition, you can order a back-issue.

The following is an overview of the contents of the 4/2014 edition.

Cigar News
5th Cigar Festival in Gothenburg
Founding of Cigar Rights of Europe
Padrón Celebrating 50 Years in Switzerland
30 Years of Gestocigars
Smoky Spirits
The Global Players in the Cigar World
Xikar: The American Dream from the Garage
Global Gathering: 5th Cigar Smoking World Championship
Resurgence in Down Under: Australian Cigar Scene
Sasja Van Horssen: Strong Cigars, Strong Opinions
Rick Rodriguez: From Cigar Salesman to Master Blender
Tasting: 60 Cigars
Humidor Concepts: How to Avoid Mistakes
Daniel Clément: Building Exclusive Davidoff Humidors
Travel Corner: Bilbao & San Sebastián
One Day in the Life of A Factory Worker at La Flor Dominicana
Interview: Nikita Schumacher
Australia’S Barossa Valley: Gourmet Destination
Cooking & Cigars: Giro d’Italia
The Birth of Cubas Ediciónes Limitadas
The History of the H. Upmann Factory
Cigar Trophy Cuba 2014: Celebrating the Best
A Cigar With Ranald MacDonald
Cigar Trivia: How Many Leaves go Into One Cigar?



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