Humidor Gloria Cubana 500 Years Havana

Launch of the Humidor Gloria Cubana – 500 Years Havana

Intertabak AG announces the launch of the Swiss Regional Edition Humidor “Humidor Gloria Cubana – 500 Years Havana”.

This humidor combines the brand and cigar  “La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos”, the 500 years of Havana and the history of la Giraldilla as the oldest symbol of La Habana.

The main theme in this piece is driven by the Giraldilla and the history behind and fits perfectly with the Aniversary of La Habana.

According to legend, sculptor Geronimo Martinez Pinzon created the statue of La Giraldilla in the image of Dona Ines de Bobadilla. Dona Ines climbed to the watchtower every day, looking out to the horizon as she waited for her husband to return from his travels. The drawers here have a double signification, at first like 5 steps, each one representing one century of La Habana and at the same time representing the sea. The white inserts of the drawers represent the sea foam and the frontal ones are handles allowing to open the drawers and access to the boxes of La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos.

Production of 100 numbered Humidors produced in Cuba by Humidores Habana. Each Humidor will contains 5 boxes of our Regional Edition 2018 – La Gloria Cubana Orgullosos. So a total of 50 cigars per Humidor.


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