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Habanos Day Mexico 2019

Habanos Day Mexico 2019 | March 28 2019

Habanos, SA for Mexico hosted the sixth edition of their magnificent Habanos day on 27 March 2019 at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City.  Close to 2,000 cigar smokers from Mexico and Latin America gathered at this activity-packed event who got together to share, learn and enjoy their passion for Cuban cigars.


The multi environment setup allowed for separate seminars and activities to take place at the same time, including master classes, pairings, cigar rolling, coffee sampling and lots of other activities for the guests.  The highlight of the evening was the launch of the Punch Duke, Regional Edition Mexico and the Havana Club Rum Tributo 2018.  This fantastic pairing was lead by Manolo Santiago, Habanos sommelier and brand ambassador to Mexico and world renown Cuban rum master Asbel Morales.  Cuban legal expert Adargelio Garrido gave a keynote address on the Cohiba brand and presented his second book on the prestigious brand.  The evening came to a close with an artistic performance inspired in the “Punch” court-jester original brand idea.


Look up for an upcoming exclusive interview with IEPT, SA Max Guttman and LA Casa del Habano founder Rodolfo Velasco in the upcoming issue of Cigar Journal.


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