JL Piedra Petit Caballeros

The Jose L. Piedra Petit Caballeros are now available in Switzerland

The Jose L. Piedra Petit Caballeros in bundle of 12 and étuis of 3 cigars are now arriving in Switzerland. They will be available in the Casa del Habano on the 19th of August 2020 and at Habanos Specialist point of sales on the 26th of August 2020.

The Jose L. Piedra Petit Caballeros is “Hermoso Corto” Sized with a length of 120mm and a ring gauge of 48 and are available in bundles of 12 cigars at a price of 50.40 Swiss Francs per bundle and in étuis of 3 cigars at a price of 12.60 Swiss Francs per étui.

The Habanos brand JLP, is presented with a new and more modern image. The logo is simplified and combined with the actual design of the bands and historical trimmings, gaining a better look and a fresh image. Right now, the new image is mainly focused in the packaging and image of the brand and in the future we will apply also the bands.

Along with the redesigning of the brand, the bundles will be modified from 25 to 12 units, adapting our product to the markets’ needs.

In the particular case of José L. Piedra Petit Caballeros is presented with the new image, the 12 units bundles and the 15 units display with cardboard cases of 3 Habanos each.


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