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Germany’s 4th Habanos Day

With the impressive Castle Hotel Weyberhöfe near Aschaffenburg as backdrop, hundreds of passionados attended the fourth Habanos Day in Germany.

The event organizers, 5th Avenue, welcomed the Cuban ambassador, René Juan Mujica Cantelar, as guest of honor. Naturally, Heinrich Villiger, head of Villiger Söhne and 5th Avenue, was also present. Participants had the opportunity to attend eight different seminars. Reynol Pérez Pereira imparted his specialist knowledge as a torcedor; Dr. Rolf Klein presented red wines; Andreas Till managed a rum tasting with Havana Club; and Yvonne Heistermann hosted an escape into the world of sparkling wines. Jürgen Deibel held an enthusiastic talk on the subject of spirits, including Green Velvet absinthe and the unusual malt whisky Octomore.

Both seminars held by Marc André were a great success. He, by means of Ramon Allones Specially Selected cigars, demonstrated that different storage methods of cigars can lead to completely different taste experiences. For the demonstration he used cigars stored for over 15 months in a humidor, secondly, in their original box and, thirdly, in a closed, airtight glass jar.


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From 1997 to 2005, Frank Hidien was editor in chief for the German magazine Pipe & Cigar and has since been working as a freelance journalist. He is Cigar Journal’s correspondent in Germany, and for other publications he writes on subjects related to gastronomy.


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