The Road To Cigars : A Memoir

This is the story of a young man who grew up in Beirut during its heyday as the Paris of the East.

He raced cars, enjoyed international music and performed on Lebanese TV. He continued his studies in England and the United States, returning to Beirut to teach politics. He made a permanent move to the US after the start of Lebanese Civil War in 1975.

For Paul Garmirian, it has been a love affair with America for everything she has made possible. America, an accepting society, allowed him to be inspired and motivated to achieve and excel in whatever field he chose. This has been manifested in his diverse career fields of teaching, real estate brokerage, publishing The Gourmet Guide To Cigars and launching the production of PG cigars in 1990.

He enjoys his hobbies of music, culinary arts, wine and cars, all in the pursuit of the good life. “Only in America!” (Paul) Boghos K Garmirian earned his Ph.D. cum laude in Politics from The Catholic University of America in 1975.

The Road To Cigars – 216 pages, Written by Paul B. K. Garmirian (Paul Garmirian, Inc. / PG Gourmet Cigars)
Foreword by Kevork Garmirian
Published by Cedar Publications, McLean, VA 2023
Hardback ISBN: 978-0-9627046-2-8  Suggested retail $29.95
ebook (PDF, ePub) ISBN: 978-0-9627046-3-5 Suggested retail $14.95
Available at:,
Available to all PG Authorized Retailers (shipping by end of September 2023)

Paul Garmirian, Inc. is the importer and distributor of 11 lines of PG Cigars, Artisan’s Selection and Artisan’s Passion. Paul Garmirian is the author of the best selling book, The Gourmet Guide to Cigars, the first cigar book published in the United States covering over 220 different Havana and Non Havana cigars.


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