Bond Roberts Auctions Celebrates 5 Years of Cigar Auctions

This month, Bond Roberts celebrates its 5th anniversary of auctioning aged, rare, and vintage Cuban cigars. 

Since launching in May 2019, first as FOHAuctions and then evolving to its current Bond Roberts brand in March 2020, the auction site has experienced unprecedented growth. In its first 12 months, the site auctioned over 1,100 boxes of cigars with an average auction price of USD $440. In the first year, the highest priced auction item sold was a box of Cohiba Gran Reserva Consecha 2003 for USD$5,000.

The site now welcomes over 70,000 unique visitors each month, has sold over 17,500 lots, with an average of 15 bids per lot and an average sale price of USD$800. The most expensive lot sold is the Cohiba Sublimes Extra Colección Habanos 2008  which attracted 20 bids and sold for USD$ 20,005 in August 2022.

“5 years of operation is a milestone worthy of celebration and I’m proud of the 24/7 exchange we have developed,” said Rob Ayala, Bond Roberts’ CEO, who took over control in 2023 with Co-Founder Rob Fox of James J. Fox taking a leading position on the Bond Roberts board. “Our continued vision is to deliver a transparent cigar exchange where technology, oversight, and member participation come together to offer the largest continuous selection of aged, vintage and rare Cuban Cigars to the global market in a secure trading environment.” 

To further the site’s development Alexander Groom was recently welcomed as the site’s Chief Technology Officer, which involves managing maintenance and development of Bond Roberts’ software. With his extensive knowledge of Cuban Cigars, Groom is also a member of the group that reviews listings on the platform.

“Cigars have always been a hobby for me, but in my professional life I’ve been a computer programmer for the last 20 years, so Bond Roberts is a perfect fit,” said Groom. “I’m looking forward to revamping the software over the coming year. A major site update in the last quarter of 2024 will include new features and a refreshed design.”


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