World Premiere Montecristo Supremos E.L. 2019

World Premiere Montecristo Supremos E.L. 2019

Saturday 6 July Diadema Spa, exclusive importer of Habanos for Italy, and Habanos SA, presented the world premiere of the Supremos, the new 2019 Montecristo Limited Edition.

The event took place at the Lanciano Forum in Matelica (MC) and saw the participation of around 450 guests from all over the world including numerous personalities such as the Co-President of Habanos S.A. Inocente Núñez Blanco, and Andrea Vincenzi president of Diadema, who assisted by Alejandro Fernandez Blanco, Sub Operating Marketing Director of Habanos S.A., introduced the new Limited Edition of Montecristo.

This is the second time that Habanos S.A. presents a new world premiere cigar in Italy, after the great success of the launch in Rome in 2016 of the Romeo y Julieta Capuletos, a sign of the great attention and importance reserved to the Italian market by Habanos S.A .

The evening of the prestigious preview closed the XIV edition of the Encuentro Amigos de Partagas Festival in Italy, the most important event in the world after the Cuba’s Habano Festival, and was enlivened by the music of the famous singer Haila Mompié and her musical group and masterfully conducted by Luca Pezzini and Raquel Mayedo.

During the event there were many awards dedicated to fans and tobacconists who received an exclusive box set, created specifically for the occasion, containing three Montecristo Supremos E.L. 2019.

The special tribute of the first Montecristo Supremos box was given to Francesco Minetti, Hombre Habano 2017, as well as organizer of the Matelica Encuentro and President of CCA, while Massimo Rossi CEO of Cuervo y Sobrinos, partner of the event, honored Stefano Minoia – Sales Manager of Diadema Spa – with a splendid watch of the “Historiador” line that commemorates the 500th anniversary of Havana.

The Supremos is inscribed in the wake of the legendary history of the brand by proposing a very current vitola de galera, the Montesco (RG55x130), which represents an absolute novelty for the vitrist of Montecristo.

For the first time the 25 unit cajon that will enclose the prestigious Limited Edition presents an innovative design, captivating and seductive both in the form, elegantly shaped, and in the typical yellow color of Montecristo.

An exclusive event where Italy, thanks to Habanos S.A. and Diadema S.p.a., was the protagonist celebrating the great passion that Habanos lovers have always shown towards the exceptional and inimitable artefacts of the Isla Grande.

Nicola Di Nunzio has been both a great lover and a passionate collector of Cuban cigars and memorabilia since the Noughties. He writes for Cigar Journal as well as the Italian magazine SIGARI!. Nicola is a member of the Puromotivo Torino Cigar Club, active as both secretary and treasurer. In addition, since 2011, he has been board secretary for the Cigar Club Association (CCA) in Italy. He is the main person responsible on the CCA panel, coordinates the editorial team of SIGARI!, and is, furthermore, panelist for Cigar Sense. Currently, Nicola works for Cigar Must Lugano and the magazine LiveIn.


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