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Nice Ash Cigars & Montecristo Lounge | Cigar Friendly: New York

“Go to Buffalo, NY in January,” they said. “The weather will be fine!” they said. Honestly, I was unphased by monstrous piles of snow that lined the streets while traveling through Western New York after I discovered Nice Ash Cigars and their Montecristo Lounge. For me, having lived in the southern US for the last 40 years, Nice Ash Cigars & Montecristo Lounge had as much “Southern Hospitality” as I’ve seen since moving up North, and this place was as far North as I could go without crossing over into Canada! The atmosphere was warm and the lounge felt like home.

Nice Ash owner Rob Roth, having been a cigar wholesaler for 20 years, decided after “running all over town filling everyone else’s humidors” that he’d open his own establishment with all of the services and amenities he felt were missing in the Buffalo/Depew cigar landscape.  Opening in 2007 to provide New Yorkers a nice, indoor space to enjoy premium cigars, Nice Ash was and is one of the few establishments in New York State where smoking isn’t banned.

Montecristo Lounge New York

Photo: Justin Harris

Upon walking in the lounge, people stopped whatever they were doing or saying and individually introduced themselves to me and to anyone else that entered the private lounge. More amazing was that whenever someone new did enter the, one of the regulars would facilitate the individual introductions so that everyone in attendance knew everyone’s name and where they were visiting from.

The dimly lit humidor was well stocked with familiar brands and a few that were specific to the shop. Like Dorothy discovering to the Wizard of Oz through the curtain, a velvet veil in the rear of the humidor revealed a rolling table, supplies, and an aging room where Marketing Manager, Greg Corbi rolls the house cigars himself. Having studied cigar rolling in Estelí, Nicaragua, Greg’s “Gregorio” brand is a staple in the Nice Ash lounge. Greg’s services are available for special events as he rolls and teaches the art on site and for large groups.

The Montecristo Lounge at Nice Ash Cigars, which is one of only 19 in the world, is a private, fully furnished, 900 square foot smoking lounge for members only; however, those passing through are able to purchase 1-day memberships for only $10.00. With over 50 cigar lockers, a poker table, plush leather seats, a boardroom table, pool table and private keycard entrance, the lounge is the perfect getaway for those in the Buffalo, NY area to escape the cold and to partake in warm conversations and hot premium cigars.


Nice Ash Cigars & Montecristo Lounge

5334 Transit Rd
Depew, NY 14043
Phone: 716-685-7970

Offers cigars:Yes
Offers alcoholic beverages:BYOB
Offers food:No
Seating:30 (indoor)

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