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What to Expect in the Winter Edition of Cigar Journal

Cigar Journal Cover: Ernesto Perez-CarrilloWe hope that you’ve finished reading our fall magazine, because our new issue is already on its way to subscribers worldwide!

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COVER: ERNESTO PEREZ-CARRILLO – As quiet as he appears, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo creates waves. Time and again, he has come up with surprises that create a stir in the scene. When Ernesto’s father considered the idea of selling the small El Credito factory and also the La Gloria Cubana brand in the mid-Seventies, the young jazz musician decided to enter the family business. We spoke with the renowned cigar manufacturer about his beginnings, parting of ways, and the role of family.

BINDER TOBACCO – While the wrapper and filler tobaccos of cigars get the spotlight, the binder is often relegated to the background. Find out more about them, and what makes a good binder. To find out wherein its particular functions and properties lie, we spoke with Ernest Gocaj, director of tobacco procurement for General Cigar.

TRAVEL – To make it easier for you to find pleasant places to enjoy a cigar in peace while traveling, we visited several cities around the globe. In our new issue, read about cigar oases in the bubbling metropolis of Tokyo, the tsar capital St. Petersburg, as well as Florence. We also visited the new Cohiba Atmosphere in Havana, and explored the cigar scene in Hamburg.

BOVEDA – In the starting years it wasn’t easy to convince customers and cigar manufacturers of the groundbreaking and reliable technology concealed behind the simple and unassuming humidity packs of Boveda. In the company’s 20th year, we met with Tim Swail and Sean Knutsen, whose products now represent the golden standard of an entire branch.

BLIND TASTING – Among the 60 blind-tested cigars, the new Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed in the 6×60 format particularly stood out. It received 93 points from our panel. Exactly nine cigars scored 92 points. Among them are a few classics, but also novelties, such as the Padrón 1964 Presidente Maduro, and VegaFina’s Year of the Dog.

You can find a complete overview of the contents of the Cigar Journal Winter 2017 issue here.


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