Top 25 Cigars 2020: The Countdown Begins

Each year, our tasting panel members review hundreds of cigars in order to give you the results of these blind tastings with the most objective impressions possible through our ratings. At the end of the year, we traditionally select those outstanding cigars that have remained in our memory.

This year has been very difficult in regards to the tastings. With heavy disruptions in postal services, a lot of cigars have arrived very late or not at all.

Only the cigars that were released less than two years ago were eligible for selection.

Starting on December 10, 2020 we will publish our Top 25 cigars of the year 2020. 


Cigars # 25–20: December 10 (10am Miami | 3pm London)
Cigars # 19–14: December 11 (10am Miami | 3pm London)
Cigars # 13–8: December 12 (10am Miami | 3pm London)
Cigars # 7–2: December 13 (10am Miami | 3pm London)

Cigar of the Year 2020: December 14 (10am Miami | 3pm London)


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