Six-day Herf Itinerary Supported by SOTL Global Movement

The Smoke with a Boss Lady Week is the brainchild of Shirley McClelan, the owner of Fire & Smoke Cigar Parlor in Towson, MD. Shirley is a seasoned businesswoman, who earned a double B.A. in business and management and holds an MBA & MsEd from the Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business. Her ultimate goal was to highlight women cigar brand owners in the Baltimore- DMV area; she also wanted to increase awareness that women’s lounges are really good and full of passion, perfect for creating great smoking experiences.

At the heart of Smoke with a Boss Lady Week, there are exceptional women who strive to create an ecosystem where women are celebrated and supported, fostering an environment devoid of the stifling competition often imposed on women.

August 30th – September 4th Baltimore
1st Day: August 30th – “Top dollar cigar Co” Owned by Norlene
2nd Day: August 31st – “Petworth cigars” Owned by Dyane
3rd Day: September 1st – “Fire & Smoke” Owned by Shirley
4rth Day: September 2nd – “BURN ONE CIGAR” Managed by Ms Yasmin
5th Day: September 3rd – “BROWN leaf cigars ” Owned by Mrs brown &
“style’n cigar ” Owned by Elizabeth & “FIRE & SMOKE” Owned by Shirley
6th Day: September 4th Each lounge has a labor day event

By nurturing one another, they forge an unbreakable bond, cultivating a sanctuary of encouragement and inspiration for countless women who aspire to embrace the rich tapestry of the cigar culture.

The ultimate vision of this awe-inspiring initiative is to garner unwavering support and celebration from BOTLs (Brothers of the Leaf) and SOTLs (Sister of the Leaf) across the globe, as they stand united in their commitment to honoring and uplifting women in the captivating world of cigars.
Critical to the realization of the vision, the SOTL Global Movement plays a transformative role in amplifying their voices and catalyzing their unparalleled presence within the industry, culminating in widespread recognition and the relentless pursuit of success.
Let’s join them!


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