SOTL Global Movement Sparks Collaboration at PCA Networking Event

Las Vegas recently played host to a momentous event in the premium cigar world. The SOTL (Sisters of the Leaf) Global Movement, led by Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi and Lefty Karropoulos, organized an amazing networking gathering at the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Convention Center. Collaborating with Lisa Sigler from PCA, the event took place at Hall C in Venetian Palace and brought together SOTL and BOTL members for an unforgettable evening of connections and camaraderie.

 The SOTL Global Movement has gained recognition as a community that celebrates and empowers women and men who share a passion for premium cigars. This networking event exemplified their dedication to fostering connections among like-minded individuals worldwide. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, brand owners, and fellow enthusiasts, promoting inclusivity and the appreciation of cigar craftsmanship. Industry greats were present such Amanda and Al Micallef, Racquel Quesada, Liana Fuente, Jose Blanco, Leo Abzaradel, Romy and Fouad Kashouty, Desiree Sylver, Karen Berger, Ismael Olivan, Ricky & Carrie Rodriguez, Patricia Khalaf, Temi Bu, P La Cangri, Belkys Sanchez, Elizabeth Santos and many many others. 

Highlighting the evening were inspiring speeches from prominent figures in the cigar industry.

 Each speech pointed out the fact that it’s known, through years long research, that women entrepreneurs, women that work in the cigar industry, rollers, influencers, ambassadors, salespeople and many others, needed a voice and that’s what the SOTL Global Movement has done, while showcasing the rich history, craftsmanship, and passion defining the premium cigar world, leaving a lasting impression on all passionados.

Nick Perdomo opened by speaking from his heart siting the statistic “that women control 80% of the budgets globally. If we can get 5% of these women to smoke cigars, they will outdo the men. Thank you Anastasia, I know it has been your dream to have all these women being part of this amazing community and I am so happy to be here”.

Janine Perdomo also agreed and spoke about the true leadership of a woman like Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi and the change she has brought in the industry.

A very moved Carlito Fuente closed by saying “One of my greatest dreams has always been to see the recognition of women in our industry. And to see that happening through the hard work of Anastasia… Thank you for including me in this.”

 Beyond the speeches, the event provided ample networking opportunities, allowing participants to exchange ideas, discuss industry trends, and explore potential collaborations. This event marked a significant milestone for the SOTL Global Movement, demonstrating their commitment to empowering women in the cigar community and promoting growth and inclusivity in the industry.

The networking event at the PCA Convention in Las Vegas was a tremendous success, fostering stronger bonds among SOTL members and inspiring future generations of women in the premium cigar realm. It serves as a testament to the SOTL Global Movement’s dedication to creating an inclusive and vibrant community within the cigar industry.


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