SOTL Celebrates Cigar Culture in the Heart of London

On the 20th of November 2023, an extraordinary event unfolded in London, marking another milestone in the SOTL Global Movement’s global journey to celebrate cigar culture. This event also paid tribute to the memory of the legendary Richard Meerapfel, a revered figure in the cigar world.

The event, transcending mere cigar appreciation, was inaugurated by Melissa Meerapfel, Vice President of THE SELECTION and a distinguished 11th-generation member of the renowned Meerapfel tobacco family.

The SGM London Rendezvous “Bridging Generations: Cigars, Connections, and Legacy with Melissa Meerapfel” hosted at the Oriental Private Membership Club at Stratford House, and was graced with the refined atmosphere befitting such a gathering.

Theocharis Efthymiou-Egleton, CEO of Socialiti, warmly welcomed the attendees, highlighting the SOTL Global Movement’s dedication to fostering connections, promoting learning, and encouraging the realization of individual potential.

The event drew a diverse array of guests, including esteemed aficionados like Andy Garret, co-founder and co-host of Cigar Lounge International, and Cem Erten, a well-known cigar blogger and founder of El Lector. The gathering also included members of the Oriental Club, students from the London School of Economics, and even non-smokers, all captivated by Melissa Meerapfel’s engaging narrative and charm, which seamlessly bridged the world of cigar enthusiasts and newcomers.

Melissa Meerapfel says : “I proudly represent the 11th generation of a distinguished tobacco family. From my earliest memories, cigars have always been more than just sticks; they were bridges that connected me to my father, whose entire life was intertwined with the art of cigar crafting. As we delve into the world of cigars at this event, I am eager to share how both smokers and non-smokers alike can appreciate the depth and nuances of this age-old tradition”

Dr. Anastasia Psomiadi emphasizes that the world of cigars is not about smoking. It’s about the people, their stories, the bonds formed, the pursuit of knowledge, the joy, and love it brings. The London event marks one of many global rendezvous points for the SOTL Global Movement, and there couldn’t be a more fitting individual than Melissa to embark on this divine journey.

Special appreciation is extended to Tor Imports, The New World Cigar Distributor, represented by the passionate Cally Humphrey, who ensured the availability of top-notch digital content.

A unique feature of the event was the exclusive opportunity for guests to be among the first in the UK to experience Melissa’s new “Behind the Scenes” line.

Stay tuned for more global rendezvous as we continue our journey to celebrate and enrich the vibrant culture of the cigar world.


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