PROCIGAR celebrates 30 years of commitment to the cigar industry

A month into his government, President Luis Abinader, guest speaker, presented the Tobacco Industry Strategic Plan.

One month after declaring tobacco and cigars as Cultural Heritage of the country, the Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers (PROCIGAR), celebrated its 30th anniversary with a Lunch-Conference where President Luis Abinader Corona served as guest speaker.

Today, the Dominican Republic manages to export a historical number of more than 1,200 million dollars in tobacco and cigars, the president of PROCIGAR, Hendrik Kelner Casals, expressed his joy because 30 years ago the country exported 80 million dollars and it has already exceeded that number 15 times.

Regarding the product with the longest permanence in the country’s history, Kelner assured that the consolidation of the sector has been achieved thanks to the commitment of each Procigar member with the culture, tradition, as well as the socioeconomic stability of the nation and the unprecedented interest of the President, ̈who after a month into his Government, had the initiative to present the Strategic Plan of the Tobacco Industry, coordinated by Victor -Ito- Bisonó, Minister of Industry and Commerce ̈.

The members of Procigar took the opportunity to recognize both President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ito Bisonó, for their support to the tobacco industry through the Tobacco Industry Strategic Plan, as well as promoting the declaration of tobacco and cigar as cultural heritage of the country.

During this lunch, Marvin Shanken, founder, editor, and writer of Cigar Aficionado magazine, was distinguished for the worldwide promotion of the Dominican premium cigar through its pages.

Today, the Dominican Republic is known for having the best manufacturers of premium cigars, holding the world leadership in the production of mechanized cigars, occupying a leading position in the United States and expanding in Europe and Asia. “We are present in more than 140 countries around the world, with a product that clearly carries the Made in the Dominican Republic message,” said Hendrik Kelner.


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