PCA Launches First International Grassroots Campaign in Canada

The Premium Cigar Association (PCA) is proud to announce the launch of its first grassroots campaign in Canada using the cigaraction.org alert center. This campaign will engage and mobilize premium cigar retailers, and enthusiasts across the country to support and defend the rights of cigar smokers. 

For many years, cigar smokers in Canada have faced increasing restrictions on the sale of, marketing, and consumption of premium cigars. The latest regulatory proposal by Health Canada unfairly complicates packaging requirements for premium cigar distributors and retailers. The new move proposed by Health Canada would further complicate the packaging of premium cigars making the industry’s ability to comply very difficult. This would mean less products for sale, and therefore less sales for tobacconists. This is both a major small business issue and a consumer choice issue. 

Cigar smoking has long been a tradition and a passion for many Canadians. It is a social activity that brings people together and provides enjoyment and relaxation. However, Health Canada is proposing a new health warning label regulation that would cover 75% of the cigar packaging, effectively demonizing cigar smokers and their choice to use a legal product.

With this grassroots campaign, the Premium Cigar Association hopes to give a voice to the millions of Canadians who enjoy premium cigars. They believe that cigar smokers and tobacconists should be able to enjoy their passion and run their businesses, without being marginalized or harmed by regulations meant for a different injury. 

They encourage all cigar enthusiasts to get involved and make their voices heard. Together with PCA, we can defend the rights of cigar smokers and ensure our passion is enjoyed for years to come. Join PCA in the fight to preserve the tradition of cigar smoking in Canada.

To take action, visit cigaraction.org to easily send a letter to your elected officials and tell them to encourage Health Canada to reconsider.


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