Karma Cigar Bar Merrillville

Karma Cigar Bar Merrillville/IN, Obtains Liquor License, Updates Ventilation

Karma Cigar Bar is excited to announce that it has obtained a liquor license for its lounge in addition to their beer and wine license. The additional license is an added dimension for Karma who previously offered only beer and wine in the lounge. With addition of the liquor license, Karma Cigar Bar now offers a wide variety of alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, rum, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, vodka, tequila as well as mixed drinks.

Karma Cigar Bar has also updated their current ventilation system by adding a state-of-the art air scrubbing system with ten power vents that allow our guests to smoke cigars while not subjecting them to added odor and haze of smoke from other guests in our lounge. These units allow for air to be refreshed 10 times/hour offering a very pleasant, enjoyable, and relaxing experience for all guests in the lounge.

Dhiren Shah, owner and president of Karma Cigar Bar states, “The additional license and new ventilation system will add a new height of experience for the cigar lover of the region.”

Karma Cigar Bar

850, West 81 Avenue, Merrillville, IN 46410


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