Kafie 1901 Cigars Updates Liga de la Casa Bundles

Kafie 1901 Cigars is excited to announce the release of an updated line of bundled cigars. For the past 5 years Kafie 1901 Cigars has offered a line of bundle cigars named Liga de la Casa®, which means “house blend” in Spanish. This is a registered trademark owned by the company. The cigars originally were all made of medium filler tobacco, which allowed for a very economical product for consumers.

In their pursuit of higher standards of quality, construction, and flavor, the Liga de la Casa® bundles line will now be comprised of 100% premium long filler tobacco. With Kafie’s move to La Aurora Cigars Factory, he decided to continue to produce this flagship line at the new partner factory. Dr. Kafie states, “We now have more refined tobaccos available to us, which allow us the luxury to improve our blends and offer a better, more consistent cigar to connoisseurs.”

The Liga de la Casa® by Kafie 1901 Line will come in 3 different blends: an Ecuador Connecticut Blend, a Habano Natural Blend, and a Habano Maduro blend all of which use a high quality Indonesian binder to deliver a very smooth and flavorful experience.

All offerings will come in the following sizes.
20 count bundle         Robusto          5 x 50              MSRP              $4.00
20 count bundle         Toro                6 x 50              MSRP              $4.50
20 count bundle         Churchill         7 x 50              MSRP              $4.75
20 count bundle         Gran Toro       6 x 58              MSRP              $5.00

The first shipment is scheduled to arrive by the end of the September.

Dr. Kafie, Founder and President, explains “I have always had a philosophy of creating quality smoking experiences combined with a tremendous value. My focus with Liga de la Casa this past year has been to create cigars that retail between $4.00 – $5.00 each.” He added, “They can be enjoyed by most cigar connoisseurs and become a “go to” cigar for many.”


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