… from the Cigar Advisors at Famous Smoke Shop! We’re very happy to announce a new partnership with Cigar Journal, as they have graciously afforded us the opportunity to share our impressions, perspectives and stories with you in upcoming editions. First, a little about us: Famous Smoke Shop began as a small candy and cigar store in 1930’s Manhattan. Today, we’re America’s largest privately-owned online cigar retailer, supplying customers around the globe with premium cigars and tobacco products from one of the largest on-site humidors in the world. We’re cigar lovers, too – and over 75 years’ experience has proven that cigar lovers love to know (and learn) more about their cigars, get cigar recommendations, learn tips and tricks for cutting and lighting, and immerse themselves in the nuances of cigar making from seed to smoke. Just like Cigar Journal, we believe everyone benefits from the sharing of experience like ours, and it helps draw the cigar smoking community together. That’s how we became Cigar Advisors.

A few years ago, Christian Eiroa of CLE Cigars came to our shop and taught us one of the most important lessons of all. “The business I grew up in,” he said, was full of “men and women who always said, ‘You learn something about tobacco every day.’” His point was that no one knows it all, when it comes to tobacco and premium cigars … or more accurately, that it’s nearly impossible to know it all. Instead, the culture of making and enjoying cigars abounds with people who share a fascination for the leaf, and who are eager to share what they learn in the spirit of improving the industry. “The great men who truly knew about this business … are still learning every day,” said Christian. It’s why master blenders are continually working with new varietals of tobacco, like Davidoff’s 702, H. Upmann’s Yarguera and CAO’s Brazil-grown Bragança. Different curing, fermenting and aging techniques are being put to use, like in the Aging Room Solara blends and the new prevalence of barrel-aged tobaccos. There are advances in the growing processes, such as what Nick Perdomo, Jr., is doing in Nicaragua – combining traditional Cuban methods he learned from his father and grandfather with advanced technologies to produce even greater crops. These tobacco men are learning, by doing.

It’s the stories like these that got us started writing Cigar Advisor over a decade ago – a digital magazine created by, and for, cigar enthusiasts. Just ordinary, down–to-earth guys who like smoking cigars, soaking up every bit of knowledge we can about them – how they taste, how they’re made and who makes them – and sharing that information to make cigar smoking better. And like the experts at Cigar Journal, that experience has allowed us to get up-close and personal with important figures on the cigar making side of the business, visit their farms, see their factories and learn from them – then pass that wisdom on to you. We have only three goals: welcome newcomers to the hobby of cigar smoking; pass along all of the experience and advice we can offer, along with the guidance of good friends and veteran smokers; and share our love for a good smoke with cigar enthusiasts of all stripes, from around the world. With thanks to the Cigar Journal staff, we look forward to the ability to do that with you, too.


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