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Festival del Puro Mexicano: Debut in San Andrés

Last fall, Mexico’s premium cigar makers, in cooperation with CigarMex, hosted the first Festival del Puro Mexicano in Veracruz and San Andrés. The festival’s debut brought smokers from 13 countries to Mexico’s cigar capital, San Andrés.

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Photo: Casa Turrent/Blanco Urgoiti/CIGARMEX

Located southeast of port city Veracruz, this cultivation area is famous for its Negro San Andrés binders, and because it’s home to Mexico’s best-known cigar producers. Tours of tobacco fields and factories, incluing those of A. Turrent, Puros Santa Clara and R. Paxtian, offered visitors a view into the cultivation and production of Mexican premium cigars.

Along with cigar seminars and tastings, passionados also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the country’s rich culture and traditions. Finally, several new cigar brands were officially inaugurated at the festival.

In addition to Puros Santa Clara’s presentation of the Capa Flor brand, A. Turrent introduced a full seven new cigar lines, including Casa Turrent, house cigar of the new Mexico City cigar lounge, and revivals of several traditional Mexican brands: La Rica Hoja, La Competencia, El Aguila de Oro, El Buen Tono, Las Glorias de Colon and La Melodia.


This article was published in the Cigar Journal Spring Edition 2014. Read more


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