Farewell to Luj

One of the greats has passed away. In the literal and figurative sense. Those who were fortunate enough to have gotten to know Olujide Oluyeba – LUJ for short – was first and foremost able to enjoy amazing cigars and to also enjoy unique conversations with a man who had a very special view of the world of cigars.

On March 20, 2020, the creative head breathed his last breath after suffering from a serious illness and leaves behind a legacy that has always brought joy to many people across the globe.

All passionados that knew LUJ cigars were always impressed by their individuality. It is thanks to the Austrian importer Johann Gallée, that the cigars found their way to Europe and now, too, the community continues to grow rapidly.

Luj’s long-time friend Art Payne will continue the LUJ Luxury business and related products in the spirit of the founder.

Olujide Oluyeba was born in Nigeria and was drafted early on as an athlete for American colleges. Thanks to Tom Selleck, who gave Luj his first cigar, Luj later entered the cigar business after studying chemistry. His access to the cigar was always the analysis and chemical composition of the soil from which the tobacco plants sprout. This approach is still a novelty today.

Luj, who stood at over two meters tall, was an imposing figure, a friend of good conversation and, until the end, enjoyed life to the fullest and who fought to ensure that this joy would remain with us in the future.

During his visits to Austria, dozens of visitors would gather around his table and many an evening ended in resounding laughter or quiet contemplation, namely when Luj picked up his guitar and let the sounds rise into the air with the smoke.

The “gentle giant” Luj was a reliable partner for many people, a connoisseur and passionado and a really good and faithful friend.

His motto was always pleasure. He often presented his cigars with the words, “Just smoke it and thank me later.” And most did this, too. Many friends and members of the LUJ nation remember one of Luj’s favorite quotes: “Live by the sun, love by the moon.” These were words of friendship that he gave to the people and with which he carried the joy of the cigar out into the world. Luj, we will all miss you!

Photo by Johann Gallée


Klaus Hruby learned his trade as a journalist at a young age and published articles in various media such as Die Zeit, Der Falter, as well as in renowned literature competitions in German-speaking countries. His love for cigars was ignited during his apprenticeship; his great-grandfather still owned a tobacco field. Klaus Hruby has been writing Austria’s biggest cigar blog,, since 2014.




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