EU Public Consultation on Tobacco Control – Your Opinion Is Asked

The European Commission recently launched a public consultation on the Evaluation of the Legislative Framework for Tobacco Control. The objective is to collect as many opinions as possible on the current EU legislative framework for Tobacco Control due to the “rapid rise” in emerging products (such as heated tobacco and e-cigarettes) which have entered the EU market since 2014.

This consultation will define the potential options considered for the upcoming revision of the EU Framework for Tobacco Control planned for 2024! Some of the options under consideration will place harsher restrictions on tobacco products, including on our beloved cigars and cigarillos – especially with many politicians and Big tobacco campaigns calling for cigar smoking to be treated the same way as cigarette smoking:

“With plain packaging and a full-flavour ban looming in the upcoming revision of the EU Tobacco Products Directive, we strongly invite cigar smokers to make their voice heard so that EU politicians understand that cigars are different from mass-consumed tobacco and nicotine products. Traditional niche products consumed on an occasional basis should not be treated the same way as cigarettes and emerging products used on a daily basis”. Paul Varakas, Director General of the European Cigar Manufacturers Association.

ECMA drafted a guide to help cigar and cigarillos aficionados to submit to the consultation here. Questions are the same for EU and non EU citizens.

The Public Consultation will run until 16 May 2023. It is open to citizens from the EU or not, retailers, companies, academics and scientific experts.


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