Stogies of Sikeston | Sikeston, Missouri

Halfway between St. Louis and Memphis on I-55 lies the city of Sikeston, Missouri. Here in Sikeston is an oasis of the leaf called Stogies of Sikeston. Stogies is a beautiful shop with a great retail space in the front and a well stocked humidor that will have a cigar for every palate. The little downtown of Sikeston also has great places to eat if you wander down the street a bit.

The retail area has a variety of items that are both associated with cigars as well as other items. There are men’s hair and beard care proucts as well as whiskey glasses and snacks and cold drinks. Stogies also has a full selection of cigar and pipe accessories as well as a nice selection of pipe tobacco.

The lounge in the back has a pool table and plenty of seating in which one can relax with their favorite cigar. Don’t forget to go around the side of the building to take your picture with the King of the Hill gang, Bigfoot or the coyote splattered against the wall. These are great souvenirs from Stogies of Sikeston!

Stogies of Sikeston
130 W Front St.
Sikeston, Missouri 63801
(573) 475-8332

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