Daniel Marshall and Ranald MacDonald Host Cigar And Whisky Tasting Event

Daniel Marshall Cigars and Ranald Macdonald of London’s Boisdale Restaurant Group bring some of Nicaragua’s best Cigars and Scotland’s finest whisky to historic first-time tasting in Cuba.

It was a memorable moment to be in the Salon Taganana, Hotel Nacional de Cuba with all the history, enjoying Daniel Marshall Red Label Cigars and rare Glenfiddich Whisky.
The star-studded list of 55 cigar and whisky industry notables from around the globe, Hong Kong to Qatar, included the British Ambassador to Cuba, Tim Cole; Jemma Freeman of Hunters and Frankau; top Cuban cigar importers for India and Qatar; British Count Gelardi, Restaurateur Gerry Stonhill, Mitchell Orchant of C. Gars UK, and Boisdale Group London restaurant mogul, Ranald Macdonald.

Guests were treated to delightful pairings of Daniel Marshall Red Label Corona Cigars alongside rare 18, 21 and 30-year vintage Glenfiddich whisky. There was no shortage of excitement as the special occasion marked perhaps the first non-Cuban, Nicaraguan cigar and whisky-tasting event in the country.


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