CSWC UK Final 2021

“We did it!” smiles UK CSWC organizer Sarah Saunders. ” The UK has a Winner of the 2021 CSWC UK Series ! Mr. Boris Mizernyi.”
“It feels triumphant because in this difficult year, against so many obstacles and challenges, we’ve travelled around the UK to find the best Slow Smokers. We met nervous and enthusiastic competitors, there were some familiar faces but mostly newcomers. We were lucky to have generous hosts and fabulous prize sponsors. There were surprises and excitement, and there was overwhelming and amazing enthusiasm for the CSWC competition. Sadly, there were no women in the final this year, but there were some skilled female competitors during the series. “

Sarah added, ” I would like to pay a very special thanks to the following UK Hosts and sponsors without whose support, we simply would not have had a UK competition this year:
Havana Cigar Exchange, London
Havana House, Windsor
Puffin Rooms, Liverpool
James Robinson- Ray Massingham Antiques
Brightleaf Ltd.
Anonymous supporters and Womens International Cigar Club members who have supported me throughout the UK Series.

I’d like to also offer a very special thanks to the following UK Sponsors for their terrific support: Stone Marketing, S T Dupont , Berry Brothers and Rudd, Difference Coffee “.

The UK CSWC Final was held at the luxurious Havana Cigar Exchange, in London’s famous St. James’s Street where well known Cigar Retailers have had shops for centuries. Finalists and second places from each qualifier event attended.
Guests and supporters included, Paresh Patel from Havana House, Jerry Dispinseri from Stone Marketing, Ian from Berry Brothers and Rudd, Phil Matthews from Brightleaf Ltd., the Directors of Havana Cigar Exchange.

Boris Mizernyi is a newcomer to the CSWC, he won the overall UK competition with a time of 79 minutes.
Boris joined the London Qualifier competition on Sunday 5th September. He was encouraged to participate by his colleague and fellow competitor Luca Ragusini, who is Cigar Sommelier at The Ritz Hotel, London. Both are new to the CSWC event and never before smoking the Rocky Patel Club Mareva cigar !!

Boris was overjoyed to be the winner and accepted the amazing prizes with justified pride.
Boris is a very cool young man, but he said with a big happy smile, ” I can’t wait to be amongst the world’s best in Croatia for the CSWC World Final ! “.

Fabrizio Romano, who came 2nd smoked his first ever cigar 3 weeks ago !
Sarah invited Boris and Fabrizio to a special reception with the Worshipful Company of Tobacco Blenders and Tobacco Pipemakers after the competition, held at the Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square. Fabrizio, who is Bar Manager at Mimi’s Boutique Hotel, responded to the congratulations and celebration by saying, ” You have changed my life ! This is the most amazing experience. Cigars are now part of my life. I will practice now for next year’s competition. “

Etan Patel, who came a well deserved 3rd place was so close to the leaders. Not only very happy to be amongst the top 6 in the UK, he said as, ” I’ve had such fun, next year I’m going to bring a crowd to compete!.

Sarah Saunders again, ” It’s certain that the CSWC is well and truly established for an exciting 2022 UK Series. Everyone who participated this year knows that this is a serious competition, that it embraces an inclusive worldwide cigar community, and that is is absolutely fabulous fun !”

The UK Final 2021 participants (from each Qualifier): Left to Right
Richard Grey (Kent Winner- 61 minutes 49 secs) , Billy Bulsara (Windsor Runner up – 66 minutes 45 secs ), Boris Myzernyi ( London winner 76 minutes), Sarah Saunders (UK Judge), Fabrizio Romano ( London Runner up 72 minutes 59 secs), Etan Patel ( Windsor Winner).
Unfortunately our winner from Liverpool Qualifier William John, 51minutes 45 secs, was unable to participate due to previous commitments.


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