Cigar Smoking World Championship Florence, (I)

The Cigar Smoking World Championship for the first time touched down in the magical city of Florence, the city where the Toscano cigar was born in 1815.

The event was held at the Hotel Viviani in the hills around Firenze and organized by Fabrizio Borgioli the president of the local Gentleman Cigar Club Le Cigaro’ and also President of the Italian Cigar Club Association and his great team.

After a fine and early dinner, another novelty for CWSC, the qualification session started with 35 members of the club, all rookies. The judge Aurelio Tufano introduced all the rules as the majority of the contestants were newbies and the CSWC Ambassador gave them few tips.

Several members were out fast but who left in the game started focusing and the competition between smokers, and even if for the first time, they became more serious and fierce.

Twelve competitors went over the first hour.

The winner was Leonardo Fici with a time of 1h27m50s who received a beautiful cigar case of Cuervos y Sobrinos and a bottle of whiskey. Second position went to Danny Decembri with 1h 25m18s. He received a lovely ashtray of the club and a vintage RP cigar. The third position went to Roberto Bessi with 1h17m10s who received a cigar caddy.

The Italian record, just set up a few weeks ago by Marian Needle in Pescara with 2h8m54s was just close and we are sure that they will practice to be ready to fight at the upcoming Final that will be held close to Rom in Civita Castellana on July 22nd.

Text: Gino Iannillo


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