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Cigar Industry

Quality Importers Acquires Palió Cigar Accessories

Quality Importers Acquires Palió Cigar Accessories

Quality Importers Trading Company, a procurement company best known for its humidor and cigar accessory distribution, has acquired Palió. The company plans to increase product inventory and to introduce new customization options for Palió products.

global players cigar world cigar boxes story opener

Global Players in the Cigar World – A View on Recent Market Activity

During the last few years, however, there seems to be movement in the branch. Manufacturers are now increasingly entering the new markets. Nevertheless, increasingly more manufacturers are aiming to create globally strong brands. How the world market will look in the future is still hard to predict. The spirit of adventure has been drawn out, however, and the mood is good.

torcedor rafael barrera la flor domenicana one day

One Day in the Life of Rafael Barrera

La Flor Dominicana opened its factory in Tamboril in 1996. Torcedor Rafael is now 38 years old and has worked at La Flor Dominicana for 16 years, almost from the start. All in all, he’s happy with his choice of workplace and with his career. The intimate cigar world that is Tamboril exposes itself once more.