Florida Sun Grown tobacco spring crop completely destroyed

Two days ago, a violent hailstorm destroyed in a short period of time all the beautiful tobacco plants grown with great care by Jeff Borysiewicz in Clermont, Florida.

“Unfortunately our Spring crop was totally destroyed. It’s all part of farming. You have to take the good with the bad. If it was easy to grow prized cigar tobacco, everyone would be doing it,” says Borysiewicz.

The beautiful tobacco plants two days before the hailstorm.

The plants had been planted in early March and were prospering splendidly until the day before yesterday. Cigar Journal was still on location in early April to interview Jeff Borysiewicz for the upcoming cover story.
Borysiewicz plants – fortunately – twice a year and now all his hopes – and those of all FSG fans – lie on the autumn harvest.


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