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Cigar Friendly

Pablo Montorio and Josè Franco

Cava de Magallanes: Madrid’s Famed Tobacco Shop Remodeled

Cava de Magallanes: Madrid’s Famed Tobacco Shop Remodeled

There’s a fresh wind blowing in the legendary Cava de Magallanes. The tobacco shop was Madrid’s first store that had an extra room for cigars. José Martínez Franco, owner since 1968, is passing on the torch.

Primings Cigar Lounge & Bar Nashville

Primings Cigar Lounge & Bar in Nashville, TN | Cigar Friendly

Chase Lyle, Primings’ owner, took his time in building a destination that encompassed everything he felt a cigar lover would appreciate. Located on the edge of the booming downtown convention, tourism and sports district, Primings boasts to “offer the finer things in life” while not putting a strain on the enthusiast’s wallet.

Cigar Emporium ABC Islands

Cigar Emporium in the ABC’s | Cigar Friendly: Lesser Antilles

When traveling to the Caribbean on your next vacation, be sure to stop by any of the three exclusive Cigar Emporium cigar shops in the Netherlands Antilles; namely on the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, or as they are also known, the ABC islands.