Carlos Diez

Carlos Diez takes over the family business

Carlos Diez

Photo: Reyes Family | Carlo Diez is working on two new projects – a Puros Indios Gold and the Puros Indios “Made in Miami”.At least one of the two innovations is to be presented within the framework of the IPCPR in summer 2010

Reyes Family Cigars (formerly Puros Indios Cigars) is working on two new projects, at least one of which is to be presented at the IPCPR Show in New Orleans in the summer of 2010. The company is planning to present a new line of the brand under the name Puros Indios Gold, although the final name has not yet been settled. According to company president Carlos Diez, the aim is to anticipate a foreseeable trend: “As far as I can see, we in the cigar trade are subject to recurring cycles”, is Carlo’s analysis. “10 or 12 years ago, it was impossible to sell strong cigars, with every aficionado swearing by mild to medium-strength products. Today, the contrary is the case and the majority want a hefty tobacco blend.” Carlos Diez is, however, convinced “that this will change once again. Not that strong cigars will disappear, but the trend will go in the other direction.” The new Puros Indios Gold is intended to be rolled in the company’s own factory in Danlí, Honduras, under the direction of the 86-year-old company founder Rolando Reyes Sen.  A second project that the company is pursuing keenly is a Puros Indios “Made in Miami”. Carlos Diez intends this to follow on the success of the Cuba Aliados Miami Edition. This extremely limited boutique cigar, of which a maximum of 440 cigars are rolled each day at the company’s headquarters in Miami, USA, has developed into a bestseller since it was launched one year ago (see our tasting from page 24 on). The proposed Puros Indios Miami will be stronger and more full-bodied than the other cigars of the same brand, extremely pointed (Torpedo, approx. 165 x 21 | 6 1/2 x 53) and supplied in elegant tubes in boxes of 10.  TRADITION. NEW FOCUS. NEW BRANDS. 

Reyes Cigar Trophy

Photo: Reyes Family Cigars | The Reyes Family cigars have so far been awarded four cigar trophies, including one for the life’s work of Carlos Diez’ grandfather Rolando Reyes

Lazaro Soriano Reyes Family Cigars

Photo: Reyes Family Cigars | Lazaro Soriano of Reyes Family Cigars is experimenting with the Puros Indios “Made in Miami”, a powerful, extremely pointed Torpedo

When Carlos Diez took over the management of the company from his grandfather just over two years ago, his first decision was to rename the company as Reyes Family Cigars. “I felt it was important to raise our company founder’s family name to the status of our umbrella brandname”, says the 32-year-old. Since then, he has launched three new cigar lines under this new brand – Reyes Family Classic, Premier and Vintage (the latter is still known in Europe as Viejo). At the same time, he has reactivated the rolling room at the company’s headquarters in Miami, where he has the above-mentioned Cuba Aliados Miami Edition now rolled by four Cuban torcedores. Barbara Ramos, Orlando Garcia and Doramis Cabrera have been joined by Lazaro Soriano, a Cuban exile who rolls around 200 cigars a day. In addition, Reyes Family operates a cigar bar under the name Genuine Tobacconist at 14236 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, where a number of torcedores are soon to move in and roll the proposed Puros Indios Miami. Alongside all the innovations under his management, Carlos Diez would like to uphold the family tradition: “My grandfather is one of the most dazzling personalities in the cigar business. Our family owes him everything. We want to continue to build on this in the future.”  ”Don” Rolando Reyes has so far been awarded four Cigar Trophies: 2009 for his life’s work, 2006 for Cuba Aliados and Puros Aliados (Best Value), 2005 for Puros Indios (Best Value) and 2002 for the best cigar from Honduras, the Puros Indios Maxima Reserva Robusto.  This article was published in the Cigar Journal Spring Edition 2010.  Read more

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