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Avo Uvezian Honored for Lifetime Achievement

The Cigar Trophy 2005, which will be awarded in the USA and Europe separately, will for the first time introduce the category “life’s work” in relation to the smoking culture. With this award Cigar Journal would like to pay homage to the great personalities in the world of cigars. This year, Avo Uvezian, musician and living legend of the cigar industry, was honored together with Carlos Fuente Sr. for his impressive life’s work.


Avo Uvezian was born in Beirut in 1926 into a family of musicians, inheriting a career as a pianist and composer from birth, as it were.

In the 1980s in Puerto Rico he fell in love with cigars and embarked on a second career that was to prove no less meteoric: From 1987 onwards the perfectionist was having his very own cigar brand produced, the AVO, by none other than Hendrik Kelner in the Dominican Republic. From being a cigar passionado, Avo had now become a cigar composer.

It would be impossible to imagine today’s international cigar market without the AVO brand and the three million cigars or more it produces each year. Passionados around the world swear by the perfect harmony that is characteristic of Avo’s melodies as much as it is of his cigars.


To the article: Carlos Fuente Sr. honored for Lifetime Achievement.


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