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Xikar XO Cutter new Color Options

Xikar Plans Release of New XO Cutter Color Options

Xikar is set to release new finishes of their XO cutter series. The next generation of the cutter is already shipping to select TAA members, with a full product launch expected for the 2017 IPCPR tradeshow in July.

As of now, the XO cutter was only available in the color options Black, Bronze, Gunmetal and Blue with Black Blades. The finishes Chopper Orange, Red with Black Blades, Black with Black Blades and Gunmetal Honeycomb with Black Blades will be added to the product range.

Versions with chrome colored blades have a MSRP of USD 99.99 while the options with black blades are priced USD 119.99.

For full product details, visit the Xikar XO Product Page.


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