Carlos Toraño Sr. Namensgeber für Toraño Zigarren

Toraño Family Celebrates 90th Continuous Year in Tobacco

In 1916, Don Santiago Toraño emigrated from Spain to Cuba. In 2006, after 90 years, few cigar producers stand in the light Toraño does, in terms of origin, lineage and accomplishments.„My great grandfather planted the seeds of not only tobacco“, states company president Charlie Toraño (38), „but also of a reputation for quality, a rich history, and a world-respected name. In 1960, our family fled the island when Castro seized all our land. My exiled grandfather helped General Cigars Connecticut farming operation, but made a landmark decision after two years.

Convinced the Dominican Republic held promise for growing choice dark tobacco, he moved there. His vision contributed to making it the world’s leading supplier of tobacco and cigars to this day.“ According to Charlie Toraño, “my father, also named Carlos Toraño, guided the company through the past 25 years, to become one of the largest private label manufacturers of premium cigars.

The family continues to make cigars for some of the most respected brands today, as well as their highly sought-after, consistently top-rated brands. These include the Exodus 1959 and Exodus Silver (named for their Cuban exile), Reserva Selecta, Signature Collection, 1916 Cameroon (honoring Don Santiago) and Casa Toraño (the long-time private family cigar). They also own their own factories in the major cigar-producing countries of Honduras and Nicaragua.

Last year, Charlie Toraño rose to the post of president, succeeding his father, Carlos Toraño (63). In honor of 90 years of continuous business operation, Charlie Toraño reports. “We have worked for three years to create a cigar worthy of the celebration. We will soon introduce a new cigar, the Noventa „90 in Spanish), which also is unique in that its blend will be Nicaraguan leaf.

We began growing tobacco there five years ago, near Esteli and in a small town called Pueblo Nuevo. In the Toraño tradition, this cigar promises to be nothing less than spectacular.


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