Tailored Smoke | Cigar friendly: Charlotte, North Carolina

If I were ever to move away from the Tampa Bay area, it would be to The Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina! In this wonderful metro area there are 2 locations of a really cool concept cigar lounge called Tailored Smoke. This lounge is like no other in which all patrons are members, not guests.  The membership fee is $10 a year, but it entitles the patrons to a plethora of benefits making it a no-brainer to hop on board. But there is more than just the membership that makes this place special, it is in fact, a tailored experience! From what you are drinking to what you are smoking is all very specific to your personal tastes. Most lounges with liquor and cigars have a bartender. Have you ever heard of a cigartender? Didn’t think so. As I write this, Word is telling me that I spelled the word wrong, but actually Word is wrong, because this word does in fact exist, maybe just in the Tarheel State for the time being, but soon I believe it will be said everywhere!  How many times did you say social distancing in 2019? Exactly! When the Oxford English Dictionary adopts it, I will have gone on record as saying I knew it first because I know the man behind the madness, Preston Gray. Preston is the owner and brains behind the concept, and ensures that Tailored Smoke is not just the name of the lounge, but it is the creed, mantra and overall philosophy of the establishment as well!

Let’s begin by discussing the 4 tiers of membership. The basic membership is only $10 annually and covers access to both locations in downtown Charlotte as well as the new location in Concord, NC.  It also allows the client a 20% discount on box purchases. The Non-Resident VIP membership is a $500 annual fee. This covers basic membership to both clubs. It also allows access for the member and 1 guest to both VIP lounges and access to VIP only special events. It also allows a 20% discount on box purchases. The Tailored Locker membership has 3 annual fee options. Pay all at once for the annual fee and it’s $1000.  If you make quarterly payments, the price is $275 per quarter ($1100 annually). If you make monthly payments, the price is $100 per month ($1200 annually). This membership includes all the benefits of the other memberships, but it also includes 20% off of all cigar and accessory purchases and minimum of 1 free cigar per month in your locker, of which you will have a name plate on the locker itself. The big boy Executive Locker Membership has an annual fee of $3600. This membership obviously includes all of the benefits of the last membership, but it also includes unlimited free parking at EpiCentre in downtown Charlotte (which is worth it by itself!) and 25% off of all cigar and accessory purchases and 30% off of all box purchases.  This membership also comes with a minimum of 4 free cigars per month in your locker as well.

Whew! That’s the tailored membership to fit each and every client. Now from membership, we head over to the cigars themselves. As I said before, there is a new concept at play here… the cigartenders! All of the humidors are behind the bar, and the patrons ask the cigartender for a cigar that suits their palate. Once you’ve explained your flavor and body profile to the tender, they find you a cigar that is tailored to your specific palate. There is a hash tag that is used in these parts: #areyousmokingtherightcigar? I think that says it all!

The bar is no different. With plenty of libations to pair with your cigar from whiskeys to tequilas and some great Carolina craft beer, you will receive a tailored beverage the rounds out the experience! From the membership, to the cigar, to the elixir from the bar, sitting outside on the patio or inside in the lounge or VIP room, you will receive a unique, customized experience that is truly a tailored smoke!

Tailored Smoke

210 E Trade St. Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 201-9661
8633 Concord Mills Blvd.
Concord, NC 28027
(980) 833-1026

Food available: no
Alcoholic beverages: yes
Cigars available: yes


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Bruce's love for the leaf quickly became his passion after visiting cigar factories and tobacco fields in Honduras. After participating in the blending and selection processes for many cigar blends over the last 10 years, Bruce became a proofreader for Cigar Journal and has been for the past 3 years. He received his Master's in Foreign Language Education from the University of South Florida and has been teaching German and Spanish for over 15 years. Besides his passion for cigars, Bruce's interests include traveling the world and coaching soccer. He lives in Florida with his wife and 2 children.




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