Summer Edition 2023 – Jeff Borysiewicz

Here is a sneak peak at the topics in issue 23/2

Travel with us – we give you a global overview of what is moving the cigar industry. Once again, we have gathered exciting stories, background knowledge, and information on our passion, smoking cigars, from all corners of the world.

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The following is an overview of the contents of the 2/2023 edition:

Smoky Spirits
Blind Tasting: 60 Blind-Tasted Cigars
Tasting a Cigar Together: Matilde Serena Toro Bravo
Cover Story: Jeff Borysiewicz
Collectors’ Passion
Dom. Rep.: A Country Shaped by Tobacco
Detra Denise: “It’s Never Too Late!”
DBL Cigars: Ten Years of Organic Growing
Cigar Knowledge: The Pianodor
Destination: Denmark
Brand Portrait: P.P. Rubens Reborn
Cigar & Art: Adán Vallecillo
Cigar & Culture: No Picasso Without a Cigar
Time to Burn: Ten Years of Principle Cigars
Cigar & Culture: What Cigar Smoking Has to Do with Juggling
Cigar Bands: Undercrown by Drew Estate
Company Portrait: At Home with Boveda
Company Portrait: Humidores Wacota
Company Portrait: Chateau Diadem
Vintage Humidors: Humidor La Escepción – Non Plus Ultra
Pairing: Sherry & Cigars
Cigar Knowledge: Salt in the Cigar
Company Portrait: 25 Years of VegaFina
Mostmemorable Cigar: José Blanco 




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