Rocky Patel Brings Back Java Wafe

In the wake of stringent cigar size restrictions under current FDA guidelines, Rocky Patel Premium Cigars has reintroduced a unique and peculiar vitola back onto the market for his top selling Java by Drew Estate brands. It’s called the Wafe, and it’s shipping to tobacconists the last week of February.

The shape of the extreme trunk-pressed Wafe resembles that of a tongue depressor: 5 inches in length, 46 ring gauge across, yet just 5 ring gauge in height. It had become a popular “conversation starting” shape when it was available in the Java Maduro and Java Latte brands from 2006 through 2011. However, due to production issues, the Wafe was eventually phased out and replaced by a standard 4 1/2 x 38 Petite Corona for the Maduro, Latte and Mint brands.

Rocky Patel, President and CEO of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, decided to reintroduce the Wafe since the shape predated the now infamous 2007 predicate date for allowable vitolas sold on the cigar marketplace. “The Wafe had always been a special size that we wanted to someday have in our portfolio again,” said Patel. “With the new rules coming through FDA, the time to bring it back was essentially made for us. Call it a silver lining.”

Java Wafe comes packaged in boxes of 40 cigars and retails for $7.50 per cigar. The trio of Java brands (Maduro, Latte and Mint) are handmade in Nicaragua and infused with flavor by Drew Estate. The brands are exclusively rolled for Rocky Patel Premium Cigars.


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