Winter Edition 2010 – José “Pepin” García, Born in a Factory

cigar-journal-winter-2010-cover-garcia-englishHaving risen to become one of the most acknowledged premium cigar manufacturers in the world in only a few years, Pepin García’s story reads like the epitome of the American dream come true. We met the producer of the My Father cigars and spoke to him about his childhood in Cuba and his success in the cigar trade.

Sam Spurr reports from Asia, where the awakening cigar scene is young, wealthy and growing rapidly. For the 2010 winter edition, we also investigated cigar events that are being driven underground by legislation, and reflected on the meaning and nonsense of what are known as “taxes on sins”. In Cuba, we pursued the story of one of the long forgotten greats of the cigar world: Perdo Muria. And our investigation of tobacco tells you everything you need to know about corojo wrappers.

If you missed this edition, you can order a back-issue.

The following is an overview of the contents of the 4/2010 edition.

Cigar News
Organic Cigars – It Can be Done
Memorable Boxes From Humidif
Smoky Spirits
The Best Cigars of 2010
Tasting: 40 Cigars
José Pepin García: Born in a Factory
Smoking is Evil, But Cigar Smokers Can be Funny
Humidification: Active or Passive?
Asian Expansion: The Demand for Premium Cigars is Rising
Tobacco & Arts: José Fuster
Cigars Underground
Smoking Cigars in Düsseldorf & Cologne
Cruzero: 130 Years of Tradition
News From Cuba
Don Diego For Purists
Sydney’s Tobacconist Extraordinaire: Sol Levy
Without the Ghost of a Chance – Pedro Murias’ La Meridiana
Tobacco Corner: Corojo
Taxing Sin: A Win-Win for Everyone?
Bruce Lewis is Toraño’s New Vice President
Going Back to the Roots: Don Duarte
Magne Falkum: The Legacy of the “Pope of Pipes”
Pipe News
Pipe Manufacturers: Axel & Karin Reichert
Pipe Tobacco Smoked for You
Events – Review



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