Cigar Smoking World Championship

Official Series Of Slow Smoking Tournaments 2018 Have Started

The slowest race on earth – the Cigar Smoking World Championship – is entering its ninth year. 

With national qualification tournaments in some 30 countries this fun-filled competition has spread worldwide. It was founded by Mr. Marko Bilič and is organized by Cigar Club Mareva Split. The task of this “race” is to keep the official competition cigar – a Macanudo Inspirado Mareva (5 1/8“ x 42 | 130 x 16,7mm) – lit for the longest possible time. The current world record held by Alexander Shagai (pictured) from Russia is 186 minutes and 15 seconds.

After a series of national tournaments, slow smokers from all over the world will gather in Split, Croatia, for the 2018 world championship. The finals are held beginning of September.

Until then, the following tournaments have been scheduled:

Macedonia (Skopje), 10–12 November 2017
Lithuania (Druskininkai), 24–26 November 2017
Latvia (Riga), 17 February 2018
Dom. Rep. (Santiago), 22 February 2018
Germany (Dusseldorf), 10 March 2018
Thailand (Bangkok), 21 March 2018
Vietnam (Saigon), 23 March 2018
Luxembourg, April, to be announced
Austria (Schladming), 13–15 April 2018
Russia (St. Petersburg), 20–21 April 2018
Croatia (Makarska), 27 April 2018
USA (Pasadena), 3 May 2018
USA (New Orleans), 5 May 2018
USA (Miami), 8 May 2018
USA (Nashville), 10–12 May 2018
USA (St. Louis), 15 May 2018
USA (Chicago), 17 May 2018
Canada (Montreal), 19 May 2018
USA (New York City), 22 May 2018
Denmark (Copenhagen), 25 May 2018
Ukraine (Odessa), 1–2 June 2018
Finland (Helsinki), 6 June 2018
Estonia (Tallinn), 8–9 June 2018
Netherlands (Amsterdam), 10 June 2018
Italy (Ischia), 16 June 2018
Norway (Oslo), 22–24 June 2018
Poland (Warsaw), 30 June 2018
Switzerland (Bad Ragaz), 6 July 2018
France (Paris), 7 July 2018
Spain (Madrid), 13 July 2018
United Kingdom (London), 14 July 2018
Montenegro (Porto Montenegro), 21 July 2018
Sweden (Gothembourg), 28 July 2018
Croatia (Split), 31 August-2 September 2018

Further information on the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) can be found at

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