La Libertad moves from Honduras to Nicaragua

In the early 2000s, the La Libertad brand was introduced by the Liberty Cigar Company in Germany. It was later distributed by the import company El Mundo del Tabaco, which was a subsidiary to the Villiger Söhne GmbH and was finally integrated into the Villiger Group.

The cigars were made by Nestor Plasencia in Danlí, Honduras. For the USA, the cigars were rolled with different blends in the ABAM factory in Santo Domingo. With the decision at Villiger to build their own cigar factory in Estelí, Nicaragua under the name Villiger de Nicaragua, production moves from Honduras to Nicaragua.

A Criollo wrapper from Nicaragua wraps the Dominican binder from the Cibao Valley. All filler tobaccos come from Nicaragua: Seco Jalapa, Viso Estelí and Ligero Estelí.

The six formats previously available for selection have been reduced to three. A new feature is a Grand Toro format:
Corona 146 x 17.1 | 5 3/4 x 43; EUR 6,80 / box of 20 EUR 136,00
Robusto 127 x 20.6 | 5 x 52; EUR 7,80 / box of 20 EUR 156,00
Gran Toro 152 x 21.4 | 6 x 54; EUR 8,50 / box of 20 EUR 170,00

All three formats are offered in newly developed, classy boxes of 20 in book form.

The traditional colors of La Libertad (red, black, white) were retained. The cigar ring was also given a new design. Each format has an additional black and gold-colored ring at the foot.

The new La Libertad will be available in Europe, overseas and, also in the USA. The cigars will be introduced in Germany, France and Switzerland in September 2021.


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