José “Pepin” García Honored for Lifetime Achievement

This year, the Cuban master roller, master blender and owner of the brand My Father Cigars, José “Pepin” García, was honored for his life’s work.


The meritorious cigar manufacturer is responsible for numerous successful cigar brands and lines. He owes his success to his extraordinary talent, hard work and dedication to cigars.

The immigrant to America first attracted attention with the Tatuaje Brown Line, produced on a small production site in Miami for Pete Johnson. Very quickly, orders flooded in from the renowned manufacturer Ashton Cigars; work on the Tatuaje brand continued; and this also saw the beginning of the production of Pepin’s own blends under the name My Father. Soon he opened another, larger factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, where today the majority of his cigars are rolled.

José García has come a long way since the early days of working for his grandparents’ cigar production and his duty as a cigar roller in Cuba to becoming the globally known and esteemed maker of prize-winning cigars that he is today. With the Lifetime Achievement Award, we honor his devotion and vision that make him one of the most respectable cigar manufacturers in the world.


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