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Habanos Línea Retro Romeo y Julieta Partagas

Habanos Introduces Línea Retro: Metal Cases With Nostalgic Flair

Partagás Capitols and Romeo y Julieta Club Kings are the two cigars that will be the first ones to be available within the new Línea Retro, a new design concept launched by Habanos this week. The two Mareva sized cigars (129 x 42) are packaged in metal boxes fitting five cigars that draw their inspiration from the metal pocket cases popular in the seventies.

Habanos stated that they are planning to extend the Línea Retro portfolio to other brands in the future. An international launch date has not yet been announced.

Habanos Línea Retro

Sizes: Partagás Capitols & Romeo y Julieta Club Kings
MSRP: n/a
Launch date: n/a


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