Felix Matei Four Time Romanian Slow Smoking Champion

Felix Matei as the Romanian national slow smoking champion is starting to get as reliable as nighttime turning into day. For the fourth consecutive year he took home the title, even though his time of 1 hour and 45 minutes was comparatively modest this time.
“The competition was fierce, with several seasoned participants vying for the top spot,” CSWC founder Marko Bilic says. “However, Matei who once again demonstrated his exceptional smoking prowess, even though his performance fell short of his personal best. His unparalleled dedication and technique have made him a dominant figure in the Romanian CSWC scene.”
According to Bilic he’s still a top contender for the world champion title at the grand final in Dubrovnik at the end of August.
“Matei’s victory, although slightly below his highest performance, has set high expectations for the upcoming final,” he says.

It could have been a close one, though. Manuel Aelenei would’ve trailed the winner by just two minutes hadn’t he received a 15 minute penalty. Instead he ended up third. Second place went to long-time slow smoker Lucian Laza at one hour and 32 minutes.
Despite the excitement of the competition, the highlight of the evening was of a different nature, according to organizer and president of Pipe & Cigar Club Romania, Radu-Alexandru Cucuta.
“It was definitely the impromptu cello concert given by one of the participants,” he says.

  1. Felix Matei 1:45:00
  2. Lucian Laza 1:32:00
  3. Manuel Aelenei 1:28:00

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