Favilli / Mombacho Cigars S.A. Launches “The Granada Line”

Favilli / Mombacho Cigars S.A. launches its new core line of cigars, dubbed “The Granada Line.”

The world launch is first taking place in Canada to celebrate the company’s roots, where availability starts May 2nd, 2022, includes the rebranding of Tierra Volcan and two additional brands, totaling three front marks and nine SKU’s. The Granada Line will be offered to the U.S.A. not bearing any Mombacho Cigars S.A. name/mark, and hand selected international markets in the final week of May, with products available on shelves as early as the beginning of June. In this release, the company also introduces its new cigar profile classification system, “one-dot, two-dot & three-dot”, which classifies brands and marks in total, including and not limited to the body, profile, strength, creating an easy avenue of selection for smokers.

The Granada Line features the following, offered in Robusto, Toro and one additional vitola per line which was specially selected for its blend.

TIERRA: the core of the line is the rebranding of the company’s oldest mark, most recently known as Tierra Volcan. This Nicaraguan Puro offers a complete upgrade to its history, and its blend intends to pay homage to the Volcanic Soil of Nicaragua and the company’s history with the former blends of the cigar.

ISLETAS: the one-dot, Connecticut shade offering is a brand-new mark. The blend includes tobaccos from three countries and is designed to provide a clean and crisp smoke to the side of the market which prefers lighter cigars. The name and blend symbolize Granada’s famed islands created by the eruption of Volcano Mombacho, where locals and tourists visit for a bright experience surrounded by Lake Nicaragua.

LAVA: the three-dot, Connecticut Broadleaf offering is the most out of the box in the company’s history. The blend is a rich and deep mix of tobaccos from three countries and provides smokers with a satiating, fuller experience for smokers seeking more depth. Lava was created to symbolize the beauty of flowing magma, which mesmerizes by its power, yet smooth flow. Lava as an element gave birth to the Volcanic Soil of Nicaragua.

The Granada Line’s introduction to the world includes its limited packaging of 1 of 100 “Forever Boxes” in each Vitola. The 20 count boxes offer a permanent humidor environment, the line name in gold on the top of the box and are numbered on the felt bottom 1 of 100. Packaging as regularly available product will include similar boxes to the “Forever Boxes”, as well as environmentally friendly, luxury refill boxes, a mimic of the design featured to be available this summer.

Indiana Ortez, Director of Operations, states: “The Granada Line is not just new blend unders one person or one person’s vision, it’s a collaborative effort with my team for the vision of Favilli. My team’s contribution to the vision forward is in our commitment to create the most memorable experience for our clients and markets, celebrating the uniqueness of Granada and my countries beautiful elements.”


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