Eiroa Maduro New Design

Eiroa Lines Classic and Maduro Ship in New Packaging

C.L.E. Cigars redesigned the appearance of their Classic and CBT Maduro lines resembling the look of their recently released First 20 Years cigars. Apparently the cigars shipped to retailers this week, already feature the new design.

“Although I have always thought the Eiroa boxes were beautiful, I fell in love with the packaging of the Eiroa First 20 Years and wanted to bring that same feeling into the rest of the Eiroa lines” says Christian Eiroa, Owner and CEO of the C.L.E. Cigar Company.

Carlos Pando, a Cuban Graphic Designer who designed the Eiroa First 20 Years box, as well as the new C.L.E. Cigar designs commented: “I wanted the boxes to stand out and bring attention to the already amazing cigars.”

Although the box design has changed, it is important to know that the cigar blends have not. The Eiroa Classic and Eiroa CBT Maduro blends will continue to stay the same as well as the bands used on the cigars. Pricing and box count has also not changed.



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